Simulator training Kit to discover actions and efficiency of foam concentrates on real fires.

EPPM is a foam production with electric pump to train firefighters how to use Class A&B on real fires.

Technical features

Pump : 4,5 l/min
Pressure : 4 bar
Power supply : Electricity 12 V ou 220 V

Operating principle

EPPM is switched on by turning the ON/OFF button allowing the pump to suck the foam solution prepared upstream. The control valve adjusts service pressure of the used foam nozzles.
A digital display allow premix flow application control.
Nozzles can be customized to adjust the flow rate and expansion rate. The stainless steel tank and accessories provided, allow any kinds of tests depending on the simulated attack mode.


  • Pedagogic kit developed to improve special fires extinguishing knowledge.

  • Delivered with multiple accesories :
    - Fire Simulation Stainless steel tank
    - Mini Nozzles, low and high expansion
    - Dosing Test tubes

  • Easily transportable in its aluminum case

  • Flow display and pressure adjustments allows control of different extinguishing possibilities, application rate measurements, and different simulated fire attack types.

  • Let understandable benefit of different nozzles used with foam on liquid fires.