Choose CTD systems,it’s improving your safety.

  • Dosing systems

    Automatic dosing systems usable with all types of foam concentrate and adaptable to any fire vehicles, skids, trailers. Available in embedded version, stand-alone or fixed.

  • High Pressure

    Foam extinguishing high-pressure motor- pump for small fires . Integration adapted to small fire vehicles 4x4 type.

  • Transfer

    Portable pumps specially designed to transfer foam concentrate or other viscous liquid. Installation wheels, skid or vehicles.

  • Training

    Simulator training Kit to discover actions and efficiency of foam concentrates on real fires.

  • Monitor trailer

    High flow water monitor installed on trailers for easy move of the fire area.


CTD PULVERISATION is the European leader in automatic foam dosing systems for firefighting.
The CTD systems (Cameleon, Salamandre, Triton, etc.) can be used with all types of foam concentrates and additives. They facilitate interventions in case of fire. These systems are designed to be accurate, reliable, to save time on intervention and also water and foam consumption.

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