High flow water monitor installed on trailers for easy move of the fire area.

MONITOR TRAILER can be directly connected on Hydrant and can be used autonomusly to cool down temperature aof the risk Area.

Technical features

Trailer : Simple axle
Drawbar : Articulated
PTAC : 500 kg
Cannon water flow : 3000 l/min (other flow rates possible)
Storage box : 2 to 4 hoses DN 100

Operating principle

Each water intake is individual. Once the necessary hoses connected, the regulation valve located under the cannon allows to open or close the water flow. The 4 landing gears allow to stabilize the trailer during the water discharge. The cannon is manually operated and oriented on the fire.


  • Individual water supply thanks to check valves on each water intakes.

  • Compact size and light weight so as the trailer is towable without trailer license

  • Angled water intake connector accessible thanks to an inspection hatch

  • 4 telescopic landing gears with screws

  • Antiskid floor

Custom design

Possibility of specific studies for this range

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