MPVE is a mechanical system of manual control to assay for the protection of industrial sites requiring self-extinguishing foam solution. MPVE is an injection device under pressure of foam concentrate to a fixed water flow rate.
MPVE pressurizes and injects the foam concentrate through a portable injector connected to the facility serving the projection devices.

MPVE 120 is a system with thermal driveto inject up to 120 l/min of foam with a concentration between 1 and 6%.

Technical features

Pump : 60 - 120 l/min
Pressure : 16 bar
Dosage : 3 to 6%
Water flow rate range : 1000 to 4000 l/min (other flow rates possible)
Energy : Thermal engine or Electricity

Operating principle

After connection to the foam concentrate tank and once the thermal engine is started up, the MPVE draws up the foam concentrate via the recycling tank.
In standby, the liquid circulates in a closed loop, to prevent any risk of unintentional injection.
Set the manual valve on injection position allows the transfer of the foam concentrate under pressure into the water pipe via the injector inserted on the line.

See the Diagram of operation

System benefits

  • SIMPLE Implementing the system with a single valve to operate makes the MPVE accessible to everyone. An abacus helps the users to check if they have the correct ratio (foam concentration/water flow rate) to ensure an efficient foam application for great extinguishing.

  • EFFECTIVE Class B foam concentrate use on industrial fires means extinguishing will be faster and easier to cool down more effectively burning areas.

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Injecting the product under pressure means MPVE can be used whatever the water flow rate and pressure. This means significant lengths of pipe can be used between the motor pump and the water line. The possibility to install the injector anywhere along the pipe allows firemen deployment to be far from the danger zones.

  • FUNCTIONAL • Volumetric pistons pump
    • Compatible with all foam concentrates
    • Stand-alone system
    • High level of autonomy
    • Easy maintenance

Custom design

Possibility of specific studies for this range

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