SALAMANDRE FIXE IQ is an autonomous system for electronic dosing of foam concentrate in the existing water network (high flow rates).

Technical features

Pump flow range : 150 lpm
Pump type : Gear
Suction : - 0.7 bar
Pressure : 16 bar
Dosing range : 1 to 6%
Water flow range (4") : 100 to 5000 lpm
Power : Electric or Thermal
Product viscosity compatibility : < 350 Mpa.s at 20°c at 375 s-1 shear rate following the norm EN 1568-3:2018
Product type : Class B

Operating principle

The FIXED SALAMANDER IQ is put into service as soon as it is switched on. The dosage is started by pressing the START / STOP key or remotely from a control station. The + and - buttons allow quick and easy selection of the desired concentration of foam concentrate.
The FIXED SALAMANDER IQ injects the foam concentrate under pressure as soon as there is a flow in the installation, in proportion to the water flow.


    • GPS
    • Customisable icons
    • Remote start-up
    • Several languages available

  • FULL DISPLAY • Water flow rate
    • Actual concentration
    • Product tank levels

  • UNIT • Colour touch screen
    • 7’’ display size
    • Waterproof (IP68)

  • UPGRADABLE • Possibility of display on 2 remote screens

  • INTUITIVE • Simple start-up
    • Didactic screen
    • Automatic rinsing

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE The injection of the product under pressure allows the use of SALAMANDER IQ whatever the flow rate and the pressure of use, and this without any pressure drop, which allows long establishment lengths. The SALAMANDER IQ can therefore be placed anywhere on the discharge lines, allowing it to move considerably away from the risk area? Foam concentrate supply operations become simple and secure.

  • FUNCTIONAL • Set in pre-assembled kit
    • Compatible with all Class B products
    • Easy to install
    • Low weight and small footprint
    • Easy maintenance

Some Achievements

Custom design

Possibility of specific studies for this range

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