PALLEON FIXE is an autonomous system for electronic dosing of foam concentrate in the existing water network (small and medium flow rates).

Technical features

Pump flow range : 30 lpm
Pump type : Piston
Suction : - 0.15 bar
Pressure : 16 bar
Dosing range : 0.5 to 6%
Water flow range (2 : 50 to 2000 lpm
Power : Single phase 220V - 50 hz
Product viscosity compatibility : < 250 Mpa.s at 20°c at 375 s-1 shear rate following the norm EN 1568-3:2018
Product type : Class B

Operating principle

PALLEON FIXE starts up as soon as the battery master switch is turned on. Dosage begins by pressing the START/STOP button or at a distance from a control station. The + and – buttons allow for quick and easy selection of the desired additive concentration.
As soon as the system detects a water flow, PALLEON FIXE injects Class B foam under pressure, proportionally to the water flow.


  • UNIT • 128 x 64 display size
    • Waterproof (IP68)
    • Impact resistant
    • Compact size
    • Remote start-up
    • Operating temperature
    between -20°C and +50°C

  • ADAPTABLE • Secondary screen option is possible
    • Several languages available

  • INTUITIVE • Easy start-up
    • Didactic screen
    • Automatic flushing

  • UPGRADABLE • External suction
    • Product tank filling from the ground
    • Injection on LP or HP system

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Injecting the product under pressure means PALLEON FIXE can be used whatever the water flow rate and pressure. Pre-mixing is performed in the truck without any pressure loss this allows fireman deployment to be far from the danger zones.

  • FULL DISPLAY • Water flow rate
    • Concentration
    • Product tank level with capacity
    • Dosage selection
    • Intervention report

Some Achievements

Custom design

Possibility of specific studies for this range

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