TRITON is an automatic dosing system fire vehicles using only CLASS A foam. TRITON is a low volume positive injection device with automatic regulation of dosing compared to a range of variable water flow.

TRITON BP is a system adapted to vehicles equiped with a water pump low pressure (15 bar) to inject up to 9 l/min of foam with a concentration between 0.1 and 1%.

Technical features

Pump flow range : 0.1 to 9 lpm
Max pressure : 15 bar
Dosing range : 0.1 à 1 %
Water flow rate (1"1/2) : 30 to 850 lpm
Power : Electricity 24 V - 16 A
Pump type : Piston
Priming : Manual
Suction : 0 bar
Product type : Class A
Product compatibility : Newtonian

Operating principle

TRITON starts up as soon as the battery master switch is turned on. Dosage begins by pressing the START/STOP button. The + and - buttons allow for quick and easy selection of the desired additive concentration.  Positive injection TRITON system inject CLASS A foam according to real time waterflow as soon as a nozzle is open. TRITON does not require flushing after use

See the Diagram of operation


  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Injecting the product under pressure means TRITON BP can be used whatever the water flow rate and pressure.
    Pre-mixing is performed in the truck without any pressure loss this allows fireman deployment to be far from the danger zones.

  • ECONOMICAL Quicker extinguishing means less water consumption.

  • SIMPLE • Quick start-up
    • Instantaneous production of foam
    • No need flushing

  • FUNCTIONAL • Delivered in a pre-mounted kit
    • Can be fitted on all types of vehicles
    • Compatible with all Class A additives
    • Easy to install (new vehicles or vehicles already in service)
    • Light weight and compact size
    • Easy maintenance

  • EFFECTIVE The use of class A product makes fire extinguishing more effective and reduce firefighter intervention time

Screen benefits

  • UNIT • 128 x 64 display size
    • Waterproof (IP68)
    • Impact resistant
    • Compact size
    • Remote start-up
    • Operating temperature between -20°C et +50°C

  • FULL DISPLAY • Water flow rate
    • Actual concentration
    • Product tank levels with pressure
    • Dosage selection
    • Intervention report

  • ADAPTABLE • Optional secondary screen
    • Several languages available


  • PRODUCT SHEET (.pdf)
  • CATALOGUE (.pdf)