IGUANE AB IQ is an automatic dosing system intended for larg fire vehicles using wetting / foaming agent (CLASS A) and foam concentrate (CLASS B). IGUANE AB IQ is a low and high volume pressurized additive and foam concentrate injection device with automatic dosing regulation with respect to a variable water flow range and a concentration defined by the user by the user on the control touch screen.
This system doses alternately either wetting agent or foam concentrate depending on the chosen dosing.

IGUANE AB IQ 240-15 is a system suitable for vehicles fitted with a low pressure water pump (16 bar) allowing an injection of up to 15 l / min of a wetting / foaming product and an injection of up to 240 l / min of an emulsifier at concentrations between 1 and 6%.

Technical features

Wet / Foaming

Pump flow range : 0.2 to 15 lpm
Pump type : Piston
Suction : -0.15 bar
Pressure : 12 bar
Dosing range : 0.1 to 1%
Water flow range : On demand
Power : Electricity 24V - 45 A
Product viscosity compatibility : Newtonian
Flushing : Automated
Priming : Automated
External suction : Option


Pump flow range : 12 to 240 lpm
Pump type : Gear
Suction : -0.7 bar
Pressure : 16 bar
Dosing range : 1 to 6%
Water flow range : On demand
Power : Thermal / Hydraulic
Product viscosity compatibility : < 400 Mpa.s at 20°c at 375 s-1 shear rate following the norm EN 1568-3:2018
Flushing : Automated
Priming : Automated
External suction : Included

Operating principle

The IGUANE AB IQ is put into service as soon as the battery cut-off is engaged.
The selection of the type of intervention allows the start of the dosage with the desired concentration. The IGUANE AB IQ automatically prime the pump and injects the product into the pipe, in proportion to the water flow. The injection of the product under pressure allows a very rapid production of foam as soon as the lance is opened
The IGUANE AB IQ allows continuous dosing regardless of the product and the water flow range used.
The rinsing takes place automatically at the end of the operation. "

See the Diagram of operation

Screen benefits

  • UNIT • Colour touch screen
    • 7’’ display size
    • Waterproof (IP68)
    • Impact resistant
    • Compact size
    • Remote start-up
    • Operating temperature between -20°C and +50°C

  • full • Water flow rate
    • Actual concentration
    • Dosage icons
    • Foam injection pressure
    • Product tank levels with capacity
    • Autonomy

  • MONITORING • Intervention report
    • Fault log
    • Training mode

    • GPS
    • Customisable icons
    • Remote start-up
    • Secondary screen option is possible
    • Download intervention report by bluetooth
    • Several languages available
    • CAN Open external link

System benefits

  • INTUITIVE • Easy start-up
    • Didactic touch screen

  • AUTOMATIC • Priming
    • Flushing
    • Frost protection

  • FUNCTIONAL • Can be fitted on all types of vehicles
    • Delivered in a pre-mounted kit
    • Compatible with all Class A and B products
    • Easy to install
    • Light weight and compact size
    • Easy maintenance

  • UPGRADABLE • External suction
    • Product tank filling from the ground
    • Dosage of up to 4 differents products
    • Several possible injection points

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Injecting the product under pressure means IGUANE AB IQ 240-15 can be used whatever the wate flow rate and pressure. Pre-mixing is performed in the truck without any pressure loss this allows fireman deployment to be far from the danger zones.

  • EFFECTIVE The use of class A and B products makes fire extinguishing more effective and reduces firefighter intervention time.
    The possibility of injecting the product directly from an external container increases the autonomy of the dosage system.
    Installing tanks for class A and B products directly on the vehicle combined with the IGUANE AB IQ 240-15's tank filling function reduces product handling.

  • ECONOMICAL A training mode allows the equipment to be tested without foam use
    IGUANE AB IQ 240-15 dosing accuracy considerably reduces the amounts of product used during operations.
    Quicker extinguishing means less water consumption.


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