SALAMANDRE is an electronic metering system to protect industrial sites requiring large self-extinguishing foam solution. SALAMANDRE is a high volume positive injection device with an automatic regulation, compared to variable water flow and a concentration defined by the user on the control screen.

SALAMANDRE IQ 120 is a system with thermal drive to inject up to 120 l/min in water line with a concentration between 1 and 6%.

Technical features

Pump flow range : 6 to 120 lpm
Pump type : Piston
Suction : -0.6 bar
Pressure : 16 bar
Dosing range : 1 to 6%
Water flow range (4") : 200 to 5000 lpm
Inlet / outlet manifold : On demand
Motorisation : Thermal
Product viscosity compatibilty : < 220 Mpa.s at 20°c at 375 s-1 shear rate following the norm EN 1568-3:2018
Flushing : Automated
Priming : Automated
Product type : Class B

Operating principle

As soon as the thermal engine is started up, the pump draws up the foam concentrate via the recycling tank.
If dosing is not requested, the liquid circulates in a closed loop.
When a dosage concentration is activated, SALAMANDRE IQ injects the foam concentrate into the water pipe and automatically adjusts the volume of foam concentrate via a regulation valve.
The amount of foam concentrate injected depend of the real time water flow rate and the desired concentration.
At the end of the operation, the circuit is cleaned by a simple press on the "FLUSHING" button.

See the Diagram of operation

Screen benefits

  • MONITORING • Intervention report
    • Fault log

    • GPS
    • Customisable icons
    • Remote start-up
    • Several languages available

  • UNIT • Colour touch screen
    • 7’’ display size
    • Waterproof (IP68)
    • Impact resistant
    • Compact size
    • Operating temperature between -20°C and +50°C

  • FULL DISPLAY • Water flow rate
    • Actual concentration
    • Pre-defined concentration icons
    • Water pressure and product injection pressure
    • Product tank levels with capacity
    • Autonomy

System benefits

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE Injecting the product under pressure means SALAMANDRE IQ can be used whatever the water flow rate and pressure. This makes it possible to use considerable lengths of hose line.
    SALAMANDRE IQ can therefore be placed anywhere along the discharge lines, allowing deployment considerably further away from the danger zone.?Operations to supply foam concentrate are more easy and safe.

  • DIDACTIC SALAMANDRE IQ uses various embedded sensors to continuously display the status of the system on the screen. This provides didactic assistance enabling the user to monitor the stages of system start-up.

  • FUNCTIONAL • Compatible with all Class B foam concentrates
    • Stand-alone system
    • Can be adapted for a fixed mount (skid) or mobile mount (trailer)
    • Various drive motors
    • High level of autonomy
    • Easy maintenance

  • UPGRADABLE • External suction
    • Product tank filling from the ground
    • Product tank agitation
    • Foam transfer to an external container
    • Emergency operating mode
    • Battery floating charger

  • TAILOR-MADE Each model has an operating range adapted to the needs of the spray apparatus and the types of risks. The size of the pre-mix manifold is tailored according to the needs of the number of inlets/outlets (type and size of connections).

  • EFFECTIVE CLASS B foam concentrate use on industrial fires means extinguishing will be faster and easier to cool down more effectively burning areas. The possibility of injecting the product directly from an external stock increases the autonomy of the dosing system and allows foam to be continuously produced at a perfectly controlled concentration.


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